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Boys will be Boys

Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017 @ 6:20am by Captain Charles Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Burrows & Lieutenant Ben Carsassis

Mission: The Gathering Storm (ST6)
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Current

Ben moved down the corridor, having been shooed out of his quarters by Jenna. His mind was playing over the surprise she'd just given him; a suit that would enable him to walk. Made with a cut down version of Livewire control systems, it would enable him to be useful in more than just the cockpit. All he needed now was a combat skills upgrade.

His and Jenna's relationship was a strange one. Although they were incredibly close and clearly cared for one another, she had always refused his advances, thus he kept his true feelings to himself now and just let her work. He wasn't sure what the future held but he was gradually getting the message that he might have to move on.

He approached the doors to the ST6 Mess Hall, which opened as he approached. The slight hum of the hoverchair could be heard as he crossed the room to an empty table after getting a drink from the replicator.

Tom was sitting at his favorite table in the corner, nursing a glass of whiskey. After the incident with the Captain, he was trying his best to stay minimally intoxicated, as he did need to stay in top shape for the team. He was dressed in a simple all-black outfit, And nodded to Ben from across the room when he thought he had caught the other man's eye.

Ben saw the nod and returned it, smiling as he approached. "Hello," he said, his exuberance shining through. "My name's Ben. Nice to meet you." he offered his hand in greeting as he moved his chair round the table to do so.

"Tom Burrows." Tom said as he shook hands with the other man. "So, are you one of us, or..."

Ben's grin didn't falter. "Fly-boy extraordinaire, at your service, Sir," he quickly followed with, "Callsign Wi-Fi. I'd stand to attention and salute but, you know. Can't do that.... Yet." So, this was the XO of the team, Cool. He'd not messed that up at the first hurdle.

Tom smiled, "I heard about you. Best this side of the fleet. Best all sides of the fleet, honestly."

"Well, I don't like to brag..." Ben said only slightly modestly. "I'm trying to be. Looking forward to jetting you guys around." His grin hadn't faltered one bit.

"Good. I'm the best shot on this team, no matter that Hardass Lancaster says. He doesn't want to admit I'm better."

Ben nodded, "So you can teach me to shoot better then?" Ben said. "I passed basics but I'm no marksman. This'll be the first time I really stand a chance of being near action without a fighter that doesn't involve being shot out the sky. Not that I've ever been shot down," he hastily added.

"I'll do that. We need our men to be the best this side of Starfleet. We're better than the Marines. I'll help you for sure." He downed the last of his whiskey. "I gotta stay semi-sober or I'll get yelled at again."

Ben grinned again, "It sucks, right? But being the best takes a sacrifice. Being sober's yours. Learning to walk and fight is mine, it seems."

"Amen there, brother." Tom said, grinning, "So what are you up to tonight?"

"Nothing as yet. My kit's stowed. Jenna's putting the finishing touches to my exo-suit so I've been banished from being underfoot.." Ben replied.

"I think Cap's gonna call a training session, but I dunno. He beat me at poker again earlier."

"Whoops. Lose much?"

"300 credits. I never put up much. Its only about 10% of my monthly pay, but I'm constantly losing to him."

Lancaster walked in behind Ben, "Don't listen to a word he says. It's either lies, or things you'll have to unlearn later." he said, laughing and thumping Tom on the shoulder.

Turning to face Ben, he added, "I'm going to guess that you're Ben, our new pilot. I've heard so stories about you Ace. If half of them are true, I'm going to lose several bets. Lancaster's the name, but everyone just calls me Lanc." he said moving around the table and taking an open chair.

Ben grinned, "Nice to meet you, Captain Lancaster; sorry, Lanc." After a small pause, he continued, "You're right, I'm your new suicide jockey. Lieutenant Benjamin Carsassis, callsign Wi-Fi. Nice to meet you."

Tom chuckled, "I call him an ass. But Lanc is a great leader. Even if he does have a bit of a gambling problem." He had been playing with his empty glass for several minutes. "I need another one."

Ben chuckled, "well, if he's always winning, I can se why!" He shook his head slightly then said, "only gambling I do is in the air. Can't wait to put the Arrowhead through her paces for you guys!"

"Don't crash us. We kinda need it." Tom joked badly as he got up and headed for the bar.

Ben laughed, "Fair enough!"

:: END ::


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