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The problem with sitting around

Posted on Monday June 12, 2017 @ 1:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Thomas Burrows & Captain Charles Lancaster

Mission: The Gathering Storm (ST6)

Thomas growled and threw a chair across the room, getting stir crazy. "I need something to shoot at! Someone give me a damn rifle!"

"Tom, sit down before I'm forced to stun you!" Charles shouted.

Thomas glared, and shook his head, "This is insane, we need to get dispatched!"

"Yeah, we do, but I can also think of some training you might want to do. The report says you missed three shots on our last run." Lancaster shot back.

"You nitpick, cap." Tom said, his best act of defiance in this case. With the team being so close and important to each other, he was still deathly loyal to his friend and superior officer.

"Keep it up and you'll be picking nits off every blanket in the barracks with a pair a tweezers."

"Yes sir." Tom said quickly, knowing from experience the other man would make him do it. "Someon's needs to start a galactic incident.

Lancaster laughed out loud. "Good man. Now go set up the poker table, I feel like taken more of your money."

Tom chuckled and got the table set up. "This time you're gonna lose old man."

"Not a chance, greenhorn, not a chance."

"You wanna bet on that, grandpa?"

"That's kind of the whole point, now isn't it?"

"Just deal the damn cards." Tom said with a smirk.

"No, no, I never deal first. It's unlucky."

"Fine. I'll deal." Tom said, grabbing the deck. "What're we playin?"

"Texas Hold'em, no limit."

"Right." Tom dealt out the cards, and managed to keep his poker face on when he saw his.

[2.5 hours later]

Tom threw his final losing hand into the center of the table, before standing up and flinging his chair at the wall. "HOW THE HELL DO I LOSE EVERY SINGLE TIME?!"

"Maybe you've just got one of those faces." Lancaster said with a laugh. It could be the way you scratch your left ear, of the way you rub your neck when you're bluffing...who knows?"

"Or maybe it's because you cheat!" Tom pointed at Lancaster, and a good look at the man would reveal he's been in the bottle again.

"Damnit Tom, I warned you about the drinking, didn't I?!"

Tom glared at him for a few moments, "yes sir"


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