Medical checking in

Posted on Wednesday November 22, 2017 @ 8:35pm by Blank Kaan & Captain Charles Lancaster

Mission: Quiet no more
Location: COs office
Timeline: Current

Kaan had taken some time to settle into the new environs of the starbase and the tactical unit he'd now been attached to. It seemed they were short a medic and Kaan's knack for the healing arts was quite profound. The fact that, in a push, he could heal someone without any help was also a bonus though the severity of the injury cost him more Light to use.

He'd checked on the medical supplies available to him and made his way to the COs office to report his findings. Although it was relatively straightforward to send a report, Kaan was used to being verbal in his reports. It also gave him an excuse to stay connected to the Light within each team member; creating a connection that made his arts (both healing and harmful) easier to use on those he knew well around him. He hoped he never had to defend himself against them, they were good people and seemed honourable. He reached the door and pressed the chime for admittance.

"Yeah!" Lanc yelled over his shoulder to the door, from where he was standing at the replicator.

The door slid open and Kaan entered silently, his movements making almost no sound. His wrapped feet glided over the carpet, leaving almost no trace of his passing. "Good day, Captain Lancaster," he said once he'd reached the desk. He stood, head slightly bowed, showing deferrence to the man who'd given him a home and a purpose. "You wanted a report on the readiness of my medical bay and field kit." It wasn't a question.

"Yeah. Go ahead. Want a coffee?" he asked, gesturing with the mug in his hand.

Kaan bowed his head slightly, "No thank you, though a Green Tea would be appreciated," he said. He'd grown quite fond of the Earth beverage. "Your medical bay has all the necessary items for business as usual. You are short on Trauma kits; should there be a prolonged assault or a particularly vicious one, we may struggle after a time." He paused a moment and then continued, tapping his arm for his strange, holographic display; the only item of technology the slim alien seemed comfortable using that wasn't medical in nature. Even the staff he carried wasn't technical but the Captain had already seen what he could do with it when pushed to violence. Whilst Kaan was adverse to combat, his survival instincts meant that he would fight when necessary. "Should I order more supplies?" Kaan had felt something coming in the Light. It would be time to fight soon, he was sure of it but he didn't know what was coming, just that he needed to be prepared.

"I would say, 'get out of my head', but I doubt it would do any good." the Captain said with a chuckle, retrieving the requested tea. "We're on the clock. I just got our orders. The team is being sent into a hot zone."

Kaan's expression didn't change, "I understand. I can feel the change in the Light. Your people are now brighter, eager and moving to the muster area." Not many knew of Kaan or his abilities but, in order to gain the trust of the Captain, he had advised him of many of his skills and talents. Of the more mundane of his abilities, Kaan was a natural sneak; the extremely dangerous habitat of the world he came from turned his people into consumate hunters and created the bond in some to the Light of the Universe; accessed through their 'Inner Crystal'. Fewer still could use that Light as Kaan could. "What are your requirements for me, Captain?" he asked.

"Well, I 'require' you to gear up. You're going with us. I may not have your connections to the universe, but something tells me we're pretty sure to need a field medic on this one."

Kaan bowed his head, "Of course, Captain. I'll go get my staff and await you in the muster area unless you need anything else?" Kaan's kit consisted of his staff and the medical supplies he would carry. He didn't wear armour or carry a ranged weapon of any kind.

"No, fine, go ahead. Dismissed." Lancaster answered.

The pale-skinned alien bowed again before turning and leaving the room to retrieve his things.