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Unexplained Departure

Posted on Monday November 20, 2017 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Anna Johnson & Blank K'Lok Maarg

Mission: The Gathering Storm (ST6)
Location: Brews and Pints
Timeline: Current

Lunch rush had just ended, Anna was in the main area wiping down tables. She was humming a tune to herself as she worked, her staff was in the break area grabbing a bite to eat before afternoon traffic picked up.

Kaarg, not letting anyone into his kitchen (under threat of violence, usually), served the last of the staff then grabbed a plate and headed to join the rest of them. "Well, that was fun," he said to no-one in particular as he took a huge bite out of something that made others in the room not used to Klingon food go green.

"I like it if we stay busy like that it means more profits." Anna laughed and shook her head, "I sound like a Ferengi." Then seeing what Kaarg was eating, "When did that come in?" She asked.

The Klingon's eyes narrowed and he held the morsel closer, "Mine!" he said, a note of threat in his voice. "Being an ambassador has to have some perks!"

"Fine I'll go fix myself something else." Anna said then passed into the kitchen. A few moments later she came out with a cheesesteak sandwich and fries then grabbed a cola from the replicator before sitting down at the bar. "Before you ask yes I cleaned up after myself." Anna said eyeing Kaarg.

"Good, you're finally learning!" The large Klingon grinned and barked a laugh. The staff who knew how Anna and Kaarg worked took it in stride but the new faces looked aghast at the seemingly disrespectful way the Klingon spoke to the 'Boss'. "What?" Kaarg barked before returning to his meal (which was still moving).

Anna shook her head, "People are going to think we're a married couple if we keep fighting like this you know." She said with a tease in her voice.

Kaarg laughed. "Not likely! You have more sense than that!" he finished his meal. "That's better, a little taste of home." He then took a drink from his tankard. "Soon be time for the rush to start again," he said, eliciting a groan from some around the table. Kaarg grinned viciously.

Just then the bracelet on Anna's wrist lit up. She looked at Kaarg, "Remember when you came I said I might have to disappear suddenly and would be gone for an unknown amount of time when that happened? Well I hate to say this but I have to go." Anna stood up and headed toward the door.

Kaarg nodded, his face suddenbly serious. Without a word, he stood, "wait a moment. I have something for you." He stepped into the kitchen and returned with a box which he placed on the table before Anna. "You might find that useful. At least I know you can use it!"

Anna opened the box and looked inside. Wondering what her Klingon friend would find useful. A smile came across her face as she saw the beautifully crafted D'tag inside. "Thank you, I will put it to good use." Anna said replacing the lid she shook Kaarg's hand in a warrior's handshake then took the box and headed to the nearest lift. She stepped inside and said, "Once again into the breach." The lift moved and dropped her off at the ship they would be boarding for the current mission. Stepping off Anna moved forward her bracelet being enough identification the officers standing guard stepped aside and let her board.

Kaarg looked at the curious faces around him. "What?!" He barked. "We have work to do, let's get at it." He wasn't at all jealous that Anna got to go play whilst he got to babysit... There would be payback....


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