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Introductions in honor

Posted on Tuesday July 4, 2017 @ 6:28am by Lieutenant JG Hilae t'Rehu & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Burrows

Mission: The Gathering Storm (ST6)

After leaving the company of Lt Carassis, Hilea was searching for her quarters. Her duffle wasn't heavy, just a few trinkets she could keep with her. The rest was sold or stolen after her family's fall from grace. As if the Senate knew the definition of "mnhei'sahe." Honor indeed, she hoped the scowl did not penetrate her facial features as someone came up the hallway.

Tom was moving with a purpose, but also making very little noise. He wasn't paying attention, however, and managed to bump into Hilea. It wasn't hard enough to knock either to the ground. "My fault, Lieutenant."

"Maybe you could help me Sir? I am a bit lost as my Federation standard is still not honed yet." Hilea said. I am looking for this room. She showed him the PADD the quartermaster gave her with all the in-processing information.

Tom recognized her accent and slipped into rather broken Romulan. "I can show you, if you'll follow me."

Hilea did a head tilt for a second before realizing what he actually said, though she was slightly impressed he would try to speak Romulan. In response she responded in broken Standard. "Thanks you Sire."

"I took a year and a half of Romulan in the Academy. My apologies if I suck."

Hilea was thoughtful for a second, "maybe we could help each other in that respect. Learning Standard would be helpful as well as you could practice Romulan when you wanted to."

"Heh. Yep." Tom fell silent, listening to the sounds around him. "I kinda hope we get a mission soon, I'm going stir crazy."

"I agree with your assessment. It's been some time since I did anything more than workout or spar with others. Between the fools in the Romulan Senate and my former boss sending me to this....purgatory I think is the word, my sanity is also in question. I have also been remiss. I am Lieutenant t'Rehu.


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